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Name: lol
Comment: seriosly you could have done better
Name: anus
Comment: you all suck B====D
Name: fish tank
Comment: Hate this game
Name: make me a name
Comment: awsome! oh yea i play this everyday!
Name: matthew
Comment: best game ever thing thing 3
Name: nut in ur mum
Comment: thin thing sucjks monkey dix
Name: markoto
Comment: this fun blood blood blood
Name: 1MegaMan
Comment: Great Game, it just sucks that I'm playing with a mousepad...
Name: JamesVansBlade
Comment: very good game and easy to play well it was easy for me but might be harder for others and beginners but very fun when u get into the story more and get more wweapons and get the ending of it that is when it awesome and it does have a bit of a good story but not enough levels so i perfer that this is the 3rd best thing thing game in the series and out of all of them :)
Name: afham
Comment: good game but hard
Name: kevinson
Comment: good to play
Name: demonator20000000000
Comment: im back
Name: JOSH
Name: Mohammed Mostafa Bin Osama Bin
Comment: This verry good game i learn all ISIS training with it
Name: tommy
Comment: baddest thing thing this
Name: dantdm
Comment: this is crap
Name: dadzman1967
Comment: i got glitched sombody fix this or ill say it sucks
Comment: this game is eppic
Name: matt
Comment: shut up
Name: Victor Cruz
Comment: this is very gay like me
Name: yamimash
Comment: you mean derp
Name: derp
Comment: are you guys six years old or something? Because the comments you write make evryone of you look like stupid people
Name: richard
Comment: good and nice
Name: kill
Comment: this game suck
Name: KYLE
Name: u mad bro
Comment: it was amazing
Name: kill
Comment: i will cut off your hand dix lover where is your home
Name: dix lover
Comment: u all suck dix
Name: hau/peter
Comment: Best game
Name: ben
Comment: this game rocks
Name: kill
Comment: i will kill you suk diz dik
Name: suk diz dik
Comment: fk u all
Name: this is james
Comment: this is a coolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll gameyo
Name: tony
Comment: this game is cool
Name: NoOb-KiLlEr
Comment: Well, you were pretty boring last night :D.
Name: queen
Comment: this gme iz boring
Name: Sarah
Comment: no your not stupid its ok i deserve that hater3
Name: zac
Comment: nice game the controls r a bit odd though
Name: Hater3
Comment: im stupid
Name: Sarah
Comment: Oh no stud, MY body is a -1000 on that scale. Hey, wanna make out in my parents basement. No? Ok, I'll just go with one of my other 3 boyfriends that are blindfolded so they can't see how ugly I am.
Name: oscar12335467
Comment: cool game
Name: tamya
Comment: it is good i love it
Name: tony man
Comment: dang it i all most got to 75 kills
Name: DON
Comment: lika racko
Name: SArah
Comment: ok but idk wat that is ??????/
Name: notch
Comment: play my game it is minecraft
Name: Sarah
Comment: ok my body 8-10 lol im a girll :) lolol
Name: stud
Comment: sarah rate ur body 1-10 lol please respond
Name: aelex kine
Comment: good but not good
Name: aelex kine
Comment: good but not good
Name: Saeah
Comment: i rock!
Name: nova
Comment: minecraft rocks
Name: Sarah
Comment: nuthin much hbu?
Name: andrew
Comment: waz up
Name: JJ
Name: Reif
Comment: Helena is gay
Name: Sarah
Comment: im hot!
Name: Zero
Comment: Go minecraft!!!
Name: jeff the killer
Comment: lol im fun

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